Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haris Nadeem, the Guru of Blogging in Pakistan

There is no better way of learning blogging tips and tricks than learning it directly from the blogging Gurus. When we talk about Gurus of Blogging in Pakistan, the first few names which comes into my mind must include Haris Nadeem. Google Pakistan and CIO had been showcasing Haris Nadeem in their bloggers meetups as a role model and inspiration for new bloggers because of his brilliant achievements in Blogging at a very short span of time.

Achievements Highlights
Haris Nadeem is included in Top 30 Earning Bloggers Globally and he is also listed in Top Young Bloggers List.

I have also approached him for an interview but recently PakCrunch guys i.e. Imran Hassan and Umair Khan Jadoon took the lead and they took a wonderful interview at CIOWebstudio, which you can watch it here as well.

In this post, I would also review Haris Nadeem’s blog i.e. SizzledCore.com and share some of its statistics and tactics. If you have a close look at its home page, you will notice that it has a very beautifully designed eye-catching logo right on top which creates a good positive image of his blog at first glance. The home page shows five recent posts with “Read More” option with a lot of white space so that the reader can easily go through the summary of all five posts without getting distracted by any Google Adsense Ad except for a search bar at the right column.

The tactic here is clear, that he doesn’t wants to let the readers leave so early, by clicking on the Google Adsense ad. He want’s his readers to explore more about his blog and for that matter he has provided two column list of 24 categories at the right side but no recent posts option.

The right side of his home page also have options to subscribe via email, twitter, and facebook. He has mentioned the importance of social networking sites and he is spot on here by providing an option to Become A Fan on Facebook. You’ll notice a deliberate blank space right below the Facebook Become a Fan option till the bottom side of his Blog because he doesn’t want to look overcrowded with so many options. Although, a Google Friend Connect could easily be added right below the Facebook Become a Fan box with no harm at all.

As soon as you either click on one of the five latest post or the categories provided at the home page, you will notice two large rectangle 336×280 ads, one at the top, below the headline and the other one at the end of every post. These are the two most possible earning spots where he is making a lot of money apart from search bar and link units at the top.

If you check out it’s statistics at Alexa.com you’ll notice that his blog is getting around 20,000 visitors per day which is the key here to make money. As he also mentioned in his interview that earning is directly proportional to traffic, which simply means “More Traffic=More Money”.

Some Other Statistics
Sizzledcore.com users come from these countries:

37.0% Pakistan
21.2% India
11.8% United States
3.3% Saudi Arabia
2.4% Indonesia

Top paying keywords to sizzledcore.com

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