Sunday, September 7, 2008

Website Review of DOSTEE.PK – Friendship Forever

If you are looking for the finest Pakistani website to make friends, have fun and win some exciting prizes at the same time then you must check out DOSTEE.PK. The extraordinary features of DOSTEE.PK makes it a perfect website to hang out with friends and look for new friends. DOSTEE.PK was launched on March 25, 2008 and with a shortest span of time it has grown phenomenally.

You will get points for every single activity that you perform on DOSTEE.PK like uploading pictures, videos, songs, writing your blog or making posts in forums etc. You can get more and more points by doing the things which you will love to do at such sites.

You can redeem those points by either sending virtual gifts to some special friends at Gift Shop on DOSTEE.PK or you can get free Easyload for your mobile usage ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.1000 at DOSTEE.PK Shopping Store or you have option to give Zakat from your points.

The most interesting feature about DOSTEE.PK is that you can make your customized profile just like Myspace with wide variety of templates to choose from. This customized profile will reflect the user’s personalities and choosing friends becomes much easier.

Although the users of DOSTEE.PK are not very much in numbers but it is very active community and I got a very warm welcome when I first join DOSTEE.PK. Another good thing about DOSTEE.PK is the new ranking system of users i.e. a hierarchy of users which starts from Aam Dost and it goes till the moderator and Admin. Most of the users try to upgrade to Khass Dost with in couple of days of their sign up and they get 200 points.
DOSTEE.PK also organizes some competitions from time to time such as "Best Profile Competition", "Games Championship". For the Best Profile DOSTEE.PK gave Rs. 500, 250 and 100 Easyload and for Games Championship it was Rs. 1000, 500 and 250 Easyload.

A cool collection of arcade games makes DOSTEE.PK more interesting it creates a healthy competition among its users and everybody loves to be a champion of the game that they like most.

So what are you waiting for? Join DOSTEE.PK and have fun!