Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top Eight Money Making Blogs Making Millions of Dollars

What do you think if you have a blog and producing million dollar. Do you quit your daily job? buy a new car? build a big house? pay off your debts? put money into bank accounts? I know this is a difficult for me. Get million dollar from blogging. Just only expert people can do this. We know many blog produced thousand dollar. I will share about 8 eight blogs that making million dollars. I know many blogs produced thousand dollar out there.


The owner of this blog is Mark Frauenfelder, he is a writer and an illustrator. Mark had worked as monthly columnist "living online" at the Play Boy magazine for 3 years. This blog was founded on January, 2000. With annual income around > one million dollar. This blog contain various topic, like comic, science fiction, computers, and technology. With amazing traffic. 22 million page views and 2.6 million unique visitors (visitors coming from blogs that 1 particular IP address) per month. He always update his blog with 20-40 postings per day by 4 paid authors . Source income from advertisement around $ 350 per week just for small button, and banner advertisement for minimum 170.000 impression. This is most expensive advertisement quote. Anfd the traffic almost one million per day.


The owner of this blog is Jeremy Schoemaker. He is a man from US. Eccentric looking, with shaved hair. This blog was founded on October, 2005. This blog making $20.000 per month or $240,000 per year. This blog contain topic about "make money online". With traffic around 20,000 unique visitor per day. Income source from Self product, AuctionAds, dan google AdSense. I think He had worked hard. And he success become full time blogger.

courtesy of
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The owner of this blog is Josh Marshall. The former political reporter who became a full-time blogger. This blog was founded on November 2000. With monthly income around $54,000 or $640,000 per year. Wow....fantastic income. This blog contain topic about politic. With traffic around 500.000 page views per week. Income source from advertisement and affiliate. I think as a former of political reporter he become expert writer.

The owner of this blog is Mario Lavandeira. He said that advertisers come to his blog from a lot of traffic and because of his worked hard. This blog was founded on September, 2004. With monthly income around $110,000 or 1,32 million dollar per year. This blog contain topic about celebrity. He always update content around 20 posts per day. With traffic around 4 million unique visitors per day. Income source from advertisement, like a banner. 1 banner cost $ 13,000 per day. wow......very expensive. Perezhilton actually the world's celebrity blog. And the owner become celebrity also. In fact, he became the jury in the selection of Miss America 2009. famous person with big income.

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The owner of this blog is Jake Dobkin. This blog was founded on Januar, 2003. With monthly income $50,000 or $600,000 per year. This blog contain various topic, like The dynamics of New York city, art, food, events, and 7 metropolitan cities of the world. He usually updates his blog with among 20 up to 25 post everyday( more than 5 writer). This blog have great traffic around 7 million page views per month. Income source from advertisement. Wonderful blog, just only contain about the New York city get million dollar. How about your city?

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The owner of this bog is Michael Arrington. This blog was founded on Juni, 2005. This blog making $200,000 per month or 2,4 million dollar per year. This site contain topic about gear, mobile technology. have traffic around 5 million page views per month and RSS feed reach reaches 2,935,000. Income source from advertisement , just only small button need cost $300 and small banner need cost $1000 per week. Do anyone want to advertise here?

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The owner of this blog is Pete Cashmore. This blog was founded on Juli, 2005. With monthly income around $166,000 or 1,92 million dollar per year. with traffic around 4 million page views per month. Income source from advertisement it cost $100 per week and banner cost $2000 per week. Pete said that blogger not only full time job but as a bloggers don't get much sleep. Do anyone agree with him?


The owner of this blog is Darren Rowse. He often called the Father of the bloggers who make money from blogging. He always invited another bloggers comes to his blog. Many bloggers become famous and get thousand dollars like Yaro Starak, Chris Garret. This blog was founded on November, 2004. With annual income around $100,000. This site contain topic about making money online. He always update his blog with one up to two content everyday. He has great traffic, around 1.5 million visitors per month. Income source from Chitika, Google AdSense, Text Link Ads, dan Amazon Associates.

Why I choose this topic, because I want to open my eyes if there are many people success with online business become a blogger. I hope all of us could learn with those people who success as a full time blogger. We can learn about the spirit, business planning, business strategies and those effort become success person. And I hope this post benefit for us as a self motivation. Never give up!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Make Money Online - Tips On Creating An Interesting Blog To Attract More Visitors

With the presence of blogging in the internet, it has fast becoming a great tool where one can make use of to make money online. With a little creativity and applying some tricks and techniques, you can now start to make your blog an interesting one and attracting loads of visitors. Once you have these loads of traffic to your blog, you can then start to make money. So what is a good blog and how can you make your blog interesting enough to make people want to revisit your blog all over again? Read on to learn more.

How To Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

Attracting more people to visit your blog is pretty much like marketing in itself. First of all, you need to know what your readers will want to read and know about. With this in mind, you then have to respond to their needs to give them a reason to visit your blog for the first time. Even after managing to get them to visit your blog, it does not necessarily mean they’ll stay with you. Imagine with the tons of blogs out there in the internet, your visitors can easily just go on to the next one and totally forget about yours. This is the time where creativity comes into play in order to keep them coming back. It is only when you have built a loyal base of readers to your blog, then only you will truly be successful and can make money off it.

Knowing The Needs Of Your Readers

Before you can start making any money from your websites, you need to have lots of people to visit your site. This also hold true for blogs created. On the other hand, you have to ensure that the contents in your blogs are interesting in order to keep your visitors coming back. So, with this in mind, you have to know that creating a successful blog is like creating an answer to a need, and of course, you need to know what those needs are first.

Naturally, you can ask them through a survey you created. Try to keep it short and brief and only stick to questions that are relevant but fairly easy to answer. If the survey takes too much time to answer, people might not want to answer. Basically, the trick here is to phrase your questions carefully such that you are able to get real and useful information out of them. Once you have managed to get what your readers want, you can then select which one you can use as the main topic for your blog. Probably it is a good idea that you should choose to write something you’re pretty knowledgeable about, or else you won’t have much to share that would be of interest to others. Also, try to ensure that your blog has one main topic around which your posts will revolve, in order to help you build a community of readers.

Update Your Blog and Have Fresh Contents Regularly

After having decided on a topic of your expertise for your blog, you can then start to write your posts. Whenever you have some spare time and have a topic in mind, do not hesitate to write down spare posts so that you can easily update your blog at a later time when you are not busy with any of your daily activities. If your blog does not have much updates, readers may notice it and might stop visiting your site again. They will probably think that they have nothing new to read anyway.

So, the key to a successful blog to hold your visitors basically lies in the content of your blog. As time passes, if your blogs is not updated regularly, visitors’ interest may fade, especially if they don’t learn or see anything new and entertaining on your blog.

What Should You Do To Hold Your Readers

Do not worry even when you have reached this point. Give yourself a chance to make something big out of your blog. Not to mention, making money out of it. Keep in mind that all it takes is a bit of ingenuity to make them come back for more. Try to be more innovative. Come up with new and exciting treats for your readers like posting pictures and launching online games. Instead of being a passive reader, you can also ask your readers to be part of your blog by participating in it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different things which you think you will be able to build a community of readers that can be additionally attracting for new visitors and for old readers as well.

Advertising Your Blogs

Do not underestimate the power of online communities and social networks if you want to make money out of your blog, As in the actual world we live in, word of mouth also plays an important role online. Yes, advertising online is something which you cannot give it a miss if you want to make money online and be successful. But at the end of the day, the key to success as a blogger lies in your readers. They are the one who can spread the word and give good reviews about your blog. If your blog is really good and interesting, they are also the one who can ask others to check out your site. So, the more people you get talking about your blog, the more chances you have to make money out of it.

Want To Make Money Online? Start Blogging

Thinking of setting up your own blog? Do not hesitate and go ahead. It definitely pays to blog. If you want to be successful in blogging, take note of all the things mentioned above because they will surely be helpful to you as a blogger and to make money out of blogging. To learn more on how to make money with your blog, click on this link How To Make Money Easily With Your Blogs now. Good luck and be successful in blogging.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Google Fair to AdSense Publishers?

There has been much discussion lately on blogs, forums and even the AdSense Support Forum from publishers reporting that they've seen some pretty big drops in AdSense revenues.

By now, everyone should know about the global economic crisis and there's no denying that the US is in a recession. Advertising gets hit hard during a recession and many publishers are taking notice.

I decided to take a look at numbers Google files with the SEC related to it's advertising and AdSense in particular to see what's going on. I've included some charts to help interpret the data. The last quarterly report filed was in September and the annual report hasn't been filed yet. I'll revisit this subject when it does.

From what I've seen, Google seems to be very fair to it's publishers in some ways, maybe could improve in some other areas but most importantly, there might be cause for concern if you rely on your AdSense revenue in these tough times.

How much does Google keep from AdSense clicks?

This is likely different from publisher to publisher, especially when it comes to those that get invited to be premier publishers and can negotiate their own terms, but Google does list the revenue generated by AdSense and how much goes to the AdSense publishers in their SEC filings. The chart on the right shows the publishers share in red and Google's share in blue.

Over the past 4 years, Goolge has paid out an average of just over 80% to AdSense publishers. Beofre they were only giving publishers a little less than 80%. Considering the infrastructure and the quality of their targeting, that seems like a good deal. If you have a website with significant traffic that appeals to advertisers, you could do better with directly selling ads yourself, but even big publishers use AdSense because the small percentage they take is justified by the time saved. Big publishers likely have negotiated better terms and from reading the 10-Q statements, it seems that some publishers even have guaranteed payments defined in their contracts.

Google has been taking a smaller cut from AdSense

If you look close at the chart Google has been taking a smaller cut from AdSense in the past 4 quarters. 88% in the first two and 89% in the last two have gone to publishers. That may seem like good news at first read, but consider again that publishers have been seeing decreased revenue even with the increase in share. We also don't know how evenly that increase was distributed. It could have gone to all the premier publishers to meet contractual obligations or it could have gone to only regular publishers to help offset declining cost per click.

The good news is that Google seems to be willing to soften the blow to publishers a bit. Maybe they think this will only be temporary, until things calm down but many economists aren't expecting a quick economic recovery. Regardless, that's a nearly $120 million dollar hit they took to either keep publishers from bailing or to honor their contracts.

One of the things I've read in most of the quarterly reports is that advertising revenue is increasing due to increase clicks and not because of the increased price per click. If you want to keep your AdSense revenue up, you need to keep getting more traffic and more clicks.

Does Google keep the Good Advertisers to Themselves?

I've seen people ask this different places. This next chart shows what Google earns in advertising revenue from it's own sites in blue, the total revenue generated by Google Network web sites (AdSense publishers) in red, and the revenue share for publishers in yellow. Values are in thousands.

As you can see, ad revenue on Google's own sites has been climbing regularly while AdSense revenues haven't been growing as fast and have actually leveled off the last 2 quarters. In the first two quarters of 2004, AdSense publishers generated more revenue than Google did on their own sites. Now Google brings in twice as much revenue from their own sites.

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