Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Sites Where You Get Paid To Play Games!

Get paid to play games!?  Yes it is possible to get paid to play games. Apparently it is very popular too. Its one of the most talked about methods of making money online, amongst the online money making communities like moneymakergroup and getpaidforum. In fact, it was featured and talked about on one of NBC‘s morning show in 2008 ! Yep, you better catch up! Many people are making some extra cash by playing games. It might not make you rich( which I am certain it will not!) but its a good way of making couple of extra dollars, while relaxing and playing some fun games.
“How is it possible and who will pay me to play games? There must be catch or something, like you may be required to pay a fee or something like that, at on point or another”  you might say. Well you are right and wrong! Yes there are some sites that you can make money by playing games but you have to participate in real cash games which requires you to spend money, its just like those credit card reward programs, where you get point or cash back for spending specific amount of money, and the more you spend the more you earn. Which is a very bad or good(depends on how you look at it) way making money by telling you to buy a dollar bill for $10 !
But, the game sites that i am talking about, are not those, these sites are completely free to join, and do not require you to spend any money in order to make money. There is a very simple idea behind this. Basically, they show ads on their website where you play games, and of course they get paid for showing you these ads, so in order to get more PI for their ads to make more money, they give percentage of what they earn to people who will spend time on their site, and what better way to attract people, then paying them to play games. see how simple it works. You play games, they show ads, you both get paid, simple as that.
So lets get to the point and give you what you need to get started, websites where you can make money this way! Here are 10 website where you can get paid to play games. don’t forget to let me know your experiences and if you know if any such a website. Good luck.
1. exodus3000 Exodus 3000 is a multiplayer RPG strategy game where the stage is set roughly 1000 years into the future, after the planet earth  has been rendered uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event. Each player has a home base which from there they can venture out in search of minerals and “mars dollars” which is the official money of the game. You earn mars dollars by mining volcanoes, searching ruins and attacking other players. After earning a predetermined amount, you can request a cash out, which will be paid in the form of real money. Its a very simple and fun game and from what i have researched and heard, nobody has had any difficulty in receiving their payment. When you join you receive 5000 free Mars Dollars, exchange rate is 300,000 MD = $20.00.
2. secondlife Anshe Chungthe who is a SL property developer was recently announced the worlds first millionaire, with income earned entirely from virtual world profit, she has made $250 million Linden which can be exchange for $1 million dollars in the real world. Second Life is a world of almost 2 million people where your avatar (your three dimensional character) can meet and chat with other people. You can make money by buying and selling land  (Virtual real estate), creating and selling – content, clothing, gadgets, hosting  and performing at events – Game shows, rock concerts and whole bunch of different ways including sitting on camping chairs, yes you can earn $LD, sitting on camping chairs .(people who own a store will pay you to sit there and since the whole notion of the game is meeting new people and hanging out, that will attract others to go there and hangout which for the owner means selling virtual goods and ultimately making more money).
3. clubbing It’s a new site crated by microsoft as a part of making Bing (microsoft’s decision making search engine) known and expanding its reach. Each time you play a game you earn tickets, (some games give you 1 ticket and some 5 ), which then you can redeem for various prizes. You can also donate your tickets to a charity or school of your choice. there is a limit of 1000 tickets to be earned each day. Every 1000 tickets converts to $10. make sure to sign in with your Windows Live ID when you play.
4. btarcade Each game you play earns you 1 game credit and the credits are converted to cash and paid via pay pal, e-gold, liberty reserve, and moneybookers, within 3 days of the end of each calendar month. The minimum amount required for cash out is  $0.10. There are some other ways to earn credits too like partisapaiting in  promotions and specials thst they run, which happens quite often. games includes Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Racing, Retro, Shoot ‘em up, Sports… .
5. paidgameplayer You can play over 25 online games including Bejeweled 2, Zuma, Family Feud and challenge your way to the winners circle. Yes its contest based, so by competing against others and wining, you earn money. You have the option to upgrade and become a paid member, which gives you more benefit and allows you to win more money, but i suggest you stay away from paid membership, after all you are here to try to make some money not to lose. they claim that over $250,000 in cash and prizes is awarded to members every day. You can also make money by doing other things like completing surveys and trying brand name products and reviewing games.
6. clip2play Most of the games are flash games here and you compete against others in their daily tournaments. 50 people (the winners) are awarded each day. Each person you refer will earn you 10 points which can be redeemed for cash.
7. bingozone Its a free to play bingo site that has games that start every few minutes around the clock, 24/7. prizes start at $1.00 and increase until there’s a winner .
8. pogo There are two ways to win money in this free gaming site, you can play daily prize drawings which works by trading in your earned tokens from playing games for a chance to win the drawing that pays up to $1000, or you can Play any game with a Jackpot and win up to $4,999 instantly and if you play well you get bonus spins.
9. worldwinner This is almost like a gambling site but with an option to play free games. You can participate in tournaments for a verity of skilled based games, from bejeweled2, 8-Ball Pool to Solitaire Rush & Free Cell. it’s a popular site.
10 playandwin You can play many fun and entertaining games at for free. by playing games like Backgammon, Bingo, Mahjong and etc. You can earn tokens, which can be used for drawings for the various Jackpots.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Introducing the new AdSense interface, now available globally - Inside AdSense

Last November we announced that we were starting to test a new interface with a limited group of publishers. Since then, we’ve been focused on adding new features and incorporating feedback from our testers. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve begun rolling out the new AdSense interface to all publishers globally. Within the next few weeks, you should see a “Try the new AdSense interface” link appear in the upper corner of your account. Clicking the link will bring you to the new interface.

Built based on feedback we’ve heard from you, our publishers, the new interface is full of features designed to help you make more money with AdSense. We want to thank you for all the input you’ve given us, and show you some of the ways it’s reflected in the new interface.

You’ve told us that data that helps you better understand your performance is critical to growing your revenue, so we’ve made sure that the new interface gives you more insights.
You can now run even more detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other metrics, over custom date ranges. You’ll also find graphs of your data on the new Performance reports tab. You can quickly view impressions, clicks, and earnings all in one graph, compare text ad performance to image ad performance, compare date ranges, and easily analyze data to recognize trends.

You’ve continued to let us know that protecting your brand by having control over the ads that run on your site is extremely important, so we’ve improved our ad controls and made them easier to use.
All ad controls are now in one place, on the Allow and block ads tab. Here, you’ll be able to filter ads from specific advertisers, categories, and ad networks. In addition, you’ll notice that we’ve updated the ad review center to make it easier to review and manage ads that have been placement-targeted to your sites. You can now search for ads in the ad review center by ad type, keyword, URL, or ad network, and choose to allow or block them.

You’ve shared with us the need to manage your account more efficiently, so we’ve redesigned the interface to help you complete tasks quickly and easily.

The new interface allows you to quickly see your earnings and payment information, find relevant features, and make changes to your account. It also brings relevant help and other resources, like videos and blog posts, right into the interface, so you can get the information you need without leaving your account.

Once the new interface has been enabled for your account, we encourage you to give it a try. To learn more, check out You’ll find additional videos, including a tour of the new interface, information about new features, and a getting started guide. You can also join the conversation in our Forum to share best practices and discover what other publishers think about the new interface.

Introducing the new AdSense interface, now available globally - Inside AdSense

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Avoiding accidental clicks Pt. 1: Keeping the right distance - Inside AdSense

In the past, we've talked about ad placements that are prone to generate invalid clicks. In a past post, for example, Mike noted that publishers should be careful about placing ads too close to navigational controls or other clickable page elements.

It's in the best interest of the user, advertiser, and publisher to avoid implementations that lead to invalid click activity. As you can imagine, users aren't very happy if they accidentally click an ad instead of a link on your page and are directed away from your site. Advertisers also don’t want to be charged for a click that a user made accidentally (though of course we do not charge advertisers for invalid clicks that we detect). And why should publishers care? Well, if we see that most of the clicks coming from your pages are invalid, we may need to disable your account to protect our advertisers.

One type of site we wanted to talk about are Flash-based game sites. Playing games on these sites, you'll notice that ads are often placed very close to the Flash player where the game is played. Publishers may reason that they're providing maximum value to advertisers by placing their ads very close to the area where their users are focused. However, many of these Flash games are played with a mouse, and the action in the games can lead users to do a lot of rapid cursor movements and clicking. We've seen many cases where ads were placed too closely to where the action was taking place, generating many accidental clicks.

Since each game and site are unique, we can't advise publishers on an exact distance between ads and games, but we do recommend a minimum distance of 150 pixels between the Flash player and ads.

Avoiding accidental clicks Pt. 1: Keeping the right distance - Inside AdSense