Monday, June 23, 2008

Empower your blog with Meta Tags

I was wondering how the keywords can be used in my blog. After going through various articles on the web i found out the soulution and i would like to share it with my blog readers as well.

And the solution is Using META Tags in your blog. Very few bloggers are aware of the power of META TAGS you might have heard it before but might have never tried it..... Its really simple.

Without going into the nitty gritty of the META TAGS.I’ll show you how to insert Meta tags in your Blogger. It’s pretty straight forward. First go to ‘Layout’, then ‘Edit HTML’ and look for the following line of code.

Insert the following Meta contents after the above line of code.

Replace ‘your description’ by your own blog brief description. Try not to exceed 150 characters as search engines will ignore them.

Replace ‘your keywords’ by several of your keywords. You can put as many as you wish but remember to insert a comma in order to separate each and every keyword inserted.

Replace ‘your name’ by your name, blog name, business name etc. You can leave out this last line of code if you wish as it is not as important as the previous two.

Click ‘SAVE TEMPLETE’ and watch the power of META TAGS.


Monday, June 9, 2008

3 Steps to Start Earning from Google Adsense - Earn Pakistani

Adsense is a FREE advertising program from Google. Adsense enable bloggers/webmaster to earn revenue by placing Ads on their blog/site. May be most of you have already know about this but just don't know how to apply for it.IT IS SIMPLE! AdSense SignUp

1. Click the Adsense link up, spend a little time for the SIGN UP.
2. Copy the Ads code into your blog template.
3. DONE! You can now earn revenue/money through your blog.

You may be asking:Is it safe? Is it really that GOOD and SIMPLE?
The answer is : Yes... Safe, good and simple.

I'm not the only person who join Adsense, a lot of bloggers/webmasters, may be millions or even billions are using it.What I can say is, Adsense can really earn money. For myself, it is a very good idea from Google.

Earn Money From Google Adsense - Without Investment

Do you always wonder why some people make a lot of money from Google AdSense but not you? What are their secrets to make money from Google AdSense?

No more Questions. A lot of people are making a lot of money from Google AdSense and that is a truth. You can make money from Google AdSense too and you need no secrets. I will tell you some simple optimization tips to help you make more from Google AdSense.

Optimization tips #1:AdSense Ads placement is an important factor.
You need to try different placements on your sites to get the best performance and earn more from Google AdSense.Some optimized placements are:* Ads very near to the top of the page.* Ads in post.* Ads at sidebar.* Ads at post footer.

Optimization tips #2:AdSense Ads formats. You need to use the best performing Ads formats to make the Ads help you earn clicks and money. If you use wrong Ads formats, then you will not make great money from Google AdSense.Best Performing Ads Formats:* Large Rectangle* Wide Skycrapper* Skycrapper* Leaderboard* ButtonRemember: It depends on how you place the Ads formats on your sites. Make the placements on your sites look tidy and well-organized. Don't force yourself to use the Best performing Ads formats on your sites if it really don't fit at all.

Optimization Tips #3:Border and background color. Make the border and background color the same color so that the Ads blend perfectly into your sites. If your site's background color is "White" then you should use "white border and "white Ads background color".***Remember: Make the border "invisible", what I mean is make it the same color like the background color.

Optimization Tips #4:Ads title and text colors. You will need to try out these colors yourself because you are the only person who can test the performance. The colors of Ads title and text can help you make large difference. Try it out properly and when you get the best performing colors, stay with it!***Remember: Make the "testing" in several days and try to make it as short as possible. Visitors will not want to see your sites keep on changing colors everyday.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Submission Directories - Easy Way to Increase you Blog Ranking

Are you starting a blog and want to build incoming links to it? If you are looking for ways to increase your traffic and search engine rankings start doing directory submission. Remember to vary your title and description while doing the submission. This will save you from over optimization penalty in keyword.
Here are the lists of high ranking blog directories where you can submit your blog. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 0

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Are you really earning from Google Adsense? Very Important Information for All Adsense Users

The sole purpose why I am writing this blog post is because I have received many complaints from fellow bloggers that they do not earn as expected from adsense. Everyday hundreds of bloggers start off their money making expedition with a hope that after few months or years they may be earning high by participating in programs such as Google Adsense.After few days or weeks most of them leave blogging because they do not earn even a buck. Some may be cheating by clicking on their own ads or asking others to do that or just participating in programs that gives automated clicks. Such bloggers are either "banned" immediately or when they are about to receive their earnings.When they are banned, they leave blogging. Then, a few honest publishers are left who are literary embarrassed by their earnings even after getting traffic or page rank. Most of them also leave blogging until they are fed-up. Then a few remain who just wait for the day when they would be the next Darren Rowse.But that’s the truth, you can’t earn living by your Adsense earnings. According to me only few like Darren, Amit would be really making something out of adsense. Both of them have published a post on how much they earn. It goes in thousand’s $ per month.Even bloggers like Peter Chen are hardly able to make out 200 $ per month which is not acceptable for a comfortable livingTip:- First make blogging your part time job. When you realize you have got an alexa rank of below 100,000 gear up and be a full time blogger.But all bloggers have got something in their part from where they can really earn from blogging.-Start off with a blog.-Post your content like a reputed teacher even though no one may be reading it!-Submit your blog to as many blog directories as you can.-Wait three months until you get assigned a decent page rank.Now what you have got is a page rank. Sign up for some other earning programs {like text link ads, pay per post}. If you have got a page rank around 3 or more, you can earn around 10 $ per sponsored post. You can do a sponsored post after every three days. That means you will earn around 40 $ in a week. Which in turn says 200 $ per month! How is that for a part time blogger. Slowly and steadily your site will get popular. More high Page rank means more $’s per post. A page rank five site can have sponsored post of upto 50 $ ! Just imagine !Or maybe you might be interested in selling off your links?Blogs like are selling links from their blogs at 300 $ per month that too with a page rank of 4.

Monday, June 2, 2008

SEO Learning Resources - Adsense Income for Pakistani People

Success in Search Engine Marketing requires both learning and practice. The key element of learning in the SEM industry is to be abreast of latest best practices. Therefore, one needs to have a constant urge to learn in order to be a successful Search Engine marketer. An SEM professional has numerous options to learn SEM concepts and best practices. However, it is critical that one chooses appropriate options for continuous learning. Find below a list of selected learning options.
Discussion Forums - Given the dynamic nature of the SEM industry, participation in discussion forums is considered the best approach to be abreast of the latest happenings. Below is a list of some of the popular SEM discussion forums.
SEO Chat
Search Engine Watch
Web Master World
Blogs - Blogs are another powerful source of continuous learning. Find below some of the blogs which publish valuable information about SEM concepts including latest revisions and trends.
Google Adwords Blog
Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
Matt Cutts Blog
Top Rank Blog
Andy Beal’s Blog
Bruce Clay’s Blog
Gord Hotchkiss’ Blog
Articles and Tutorials - Some people do not want to go through a complete training or a course. However, they are interested in a crash course or a quick revision. Find below some of the popular SEM articles and tutorials written by SEM experts.
SEMPO Learning Center
Beginners Guide to SEO by SEOmoz
Google Webmaster Guidelines
SEO Tutorial by Elixir Systems
W3schools HTML Tutorial
Online Trainings - A training course in SEM offers a structured way to learn SEM skills and provides a good start, especially for the beginners. However, one needs to be responsible for continual learning to be updated about latest trends. A self study based online training offers the convenience of learning from anywhere and the flexibility of learning anytime, compared to classroom based training. Find below a list of valuable online SEM training programs:
SEMPO Institute
Adwords Learning Center
Yahoo Search Marketing (click on ‘Find out How Sponsored Search Works.’)
OM Careers SEM Game
DMA Training Program
Search Engine College
SEO Online Training from
Classroom Trainings - Although classroom based training has some disadvantages over an online training program, the fixed schedule of the classroom training offers a more powerful structure to ensure the learning it promises. Find below a list of some of the recognized classroom based training options:
High Rankings Seminars
Search Engine Workshops
Newsletters - Newsletters are a great way to be informed about the latest happenings in the SEM world. Find below some popular and valuable SEM newsletters:
Search Engine Guide
ClickZ News
Professional Organizations - By being part of reputable SEM organizations like SEMPO , one can stay up to date about the latest happenings in the SEM industry. Memberships offer exceptional opportunity to network with industry experts. Find below some reputable Search Engine Marketing professional organizations:
Conferences - Participation in SEM conferences is another great opportunity for training & development directly from the industry experts. Find below some prestigious Search Engine Marketing conferences:
Search Engine Strategies
WebmasterWorld Pubcon

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to increase traffic to your Website - Google Adsense Money

Getting prospects to your Web site through a search engine is only half the battle. Converting them once they're there is the other half—and the tough part. Luckily, Patricia Hursh has come up with eight tips that may help convince searchers that U-R the 1-4 them, and improve your conversion rates. Here are four.

Improve relevance. "A tight alignment between a searcher's query, the search listing, and landing page copy conveys … relevance," Hursh says. You should, at a minimum, "repeat the searcher's query (ie, keyword) in the ad headline, and then again, if possible, in the ad copy."
Focus on benefits. Hursh says your copy should clearly answer the searcher's question, "What's in it for me?" Example: "Download our … case study, which illustrates how Company A reduced IT expenses by 30 percent."

Ask a compelling question. A good, relevant question appeals to a visitor's curiosity, and pulls him or her into the site. She suggests something like, "Are you spending too much for IT services?"

Keep on testing. The key to keeping conversions up is to continually track how you're doing, and to make changes to stay current.

The Po!nt: Boosting relevance boosts conversion rates. But it takes work. "Only by combining pre-click campaign management techniques with post-click landing page improvements can marketers maximize search marketing results,".