Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Google Page Rank Explained! - Earn Pakistan

There seems to be fair amount of confusion doing the rounds on the Internet with regards to what the Google PageRank is, and what all the fuss is about.

Considering the importance of the Google PageRank, allow me to clarify to the best of my abilities what this is, and why it has become so important.

Google as a search engine considers the Internet to be "democratic state", where votes are cast by websites as to the popularity of other websites. In other words the more votes your website gets from other websites, by way of inbound links to your website, the more important (popular) your website will appear to Google.

Google interprets a link from Website 1 to Website 2 as a vote from Website 1 for Website 2, and so on. This means that the more inbound links you have, the higher your Google PageRank.
More recently Google has increased the variables on its PageRank algorithm to take into account not only the number of in bound links, but the quality of those inbound links.
Several other factors are now also considered when allocating the Google PageRank:
Contextual relevancy of the site linking to you.
PageRank of the site linking to you.
Content context of the site linking to you.
Keyword Relevancy.
Basically the quality of your incoming links matter just as much as the amount of inbound links. Links must come from a websites that are relevant. In other words, these websites should share many of your own keywords.
And that in a nutshell is what the Google PageRank is all about.
Good Luck and Happy Marketing.

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